At Instrategies, we think and do.

We are a think & do with a social, European and international vocation that aims to offer strategic support to institutions, organizations and companies in the field of international relations, EU affairs, migration and mobility. We work in the analysis, design and development of customized projects providing strategic knowledge oriented towards social innovation. In Instrategies we seek to new, efficient, effective, sustainable and fair solutions to design policies, projects and strategies for institutions, organizations and companies.

Strategic consultancy

We advise institutions, companies and organizations to develop and strengthen its presence in Europe, including their specific needs and providing innovative and customized solutions. We offer advisory and consulting services directed towards policies, strategies and projects and provide tools, help to identify networks and stakeholders and knowledge-management to strengthen their presence, positioning and impact.

Research, studies and analysis

We elaborate analyses, studies, assessments and reports for institutions, organizations and companies in the field of international relations, EU affairs, migration, mobility and diversity.

We develop projects as well as applied research and innovation activities with and for different institutions, companies and organizations.


We offer training tailored to the needs of each company, institution or organization in order to work their ability to communicate key messages.

We design ad-hoc training products on our working areas, specifically on EU, migration and integration.


We provide a comprehensive technical support to companies and institutions that want to participate in European projects. We accompany them along the entire process, from the identification of calls, through the initial stages of drafting, identification of partners, presentation of proposals, management and monitoring, to the evaluation phase.


We work in the field of the European Union, in the geographical area of the Mediterranean, as well as in Latin America. The subject areas rang from migration and mobility to international cooperation.


The European Union is our political, institutional and regulatory framework reference. The knowledge of European affairs allows Instrategies working with the European institutions and with institutions and organizations that need support and advice in developing policies, programs and European projects, therefore optimizing their participation and advocacy.


At Instrategies we support local entities in the design of their local urban agendas, in accordance with the criteria established by the 2030 Agenda, the new United Nations Urban Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the European Union, promoting sustainability in development policies urban.


Migration and mobility are a global challenge for modern societies. In Instrategies we seek for innovative solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of human mobility in an increasingly interconnected world. We analyse, design and evaluate public policies on immigration and asylum at the local, national and international level.


In increasingly diverse societies, governments, social organizations and companies need tools that facilitate the management of diversity and help them exploit their potential. In order to stimulating their creativity and innovation to generate development and cohesion, Instrategies designs intercultural policies that allow leverage diversity as a resource for development.


In a world with great inequalities, we work to change the policies and practices of international institutions and countries in order to reduce poverty and inequality. We offer consulting, training and advisory services for international cooperation and development and we put in the service of public institutions and non-profit entities strategic tools to facilitate the processes of strengthening their presence within the European and international areas.